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Jan 27, 2022
In Shot Designer
Hi there! Started using the app for my next shoot today, and most of the functionality is awesome. Just one thing I can't figure out and would make or break it for me: How do you add storyboard images to different versions of the camera/shots - instead of just multiple images to one camera? Let me explain it: I have a shot going on with a focus pull and tilt at the end, multiple actions happening within the shot. The only 'nice' way to visualise this, is to keep 1 camera (which I label as 'shot x') and add different versions to it (CU/MCU/M) to progress the shot. If I add three storyboard images to it, only 1 (the last one) will show up in the PDF export, but the versions will have empty storyboard-space without the images connected. In the app though (as well iOS as macOS) I cannot tether the images to the versions, just solely to the camera icon. See attached images for clarity. Hope you can let me know - how to approach this or maybe add this as a functionality? How do you all realise this? Thanks!!! -jasper
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