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Jun 20, 2022
In Causality Story Sequencer
Hi, I've been using Causality for a couple of weeks now and overall I'm happy with the features and excited about it's potential and where it is going. While using it I have taken notes on stuff I've run into like bugs and features that would be nice to have. Here's the list so far, which I'll update as I go along : Features Add tags to words as well as beats Allow selection of the beat you want to work on in the timeline window, even when you have the script full-screen Add a visual cue that a beat contains versions/notes and how many Automark a beat when you add a note so you know it has one/more Add text "bulletpoint" formatting option Text formatting needs to be more visual, it's too clunky at the moment using a dropdown list Being able to select what tag the beat gets it's color from rather than the first one Allow custom colors for all "break" categories Possibility to have two versions of a beat open side by side this allows you to compare and to copy paste inbetween them Bugs Causality will crash quite often (once every hour/most of the time there's a backup) number of undos seems arbitrary, should be a setting to enter a custom number can't get autocomplete to work (that's maybe me not knowing how to) I often have to click parenthetical twice for it to work Thanks for your time, Iwan


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