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Martin Lehmann
Jun 17, 2022
In Causality Story Sequencer
Hey everyone, I create online courses for colleges and companies. I recently discovered Causality and am using it since. The overview it gives me when I have recurring story elements in a series of course videos is unmatched. Once collaboration features come I will recommend it to my group of writers and reviewers to replace Google Docs. Causality makes it much easier to talk about script structure before writing starts. Non-fiction may not be the intended focus of this app but I like to ask for three minor features nonetheless: 1. When a filter is active (blocks) the script view shows locations ("INT OFFICE DAY"). It doesn't do that when no filter is active. Which of course would be the desired behaviour for non-fiction. Could you hide the location when filters are active as well (unless it's a screenwriting project of course). 2. Having word count would really help. Per block / group / all. 3. Could you add a link feature for urls in the script or syllabus? This way reviewers could click the link and navigate to videos related to the script. Think or similar services. Thanks a lot, keep up the good work Martin

Martin Lehmann

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