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Jun 13, 2022
In Causality Story Sequencer
My computer is M1 macmini (MacOS Monterey 12.4). I use Magic Mouse to manipulate Causality3 (3.x.x-3.0.21), and my finger slides on the trackpad of Magic Mouse, at which point the Causality3 operator interface lags(dropping frames). Either Whiteboard or Timeline or Script. What should I do?Is this a personal peculiarity of mine, or is it a bug? PS: 1. After testing, Causality3 works fine with Magic Mouse on Macbook Pro (2013; Intel CPU). 2. My Magic Mouse is the latest model, the version with internal lithium battery. 3. This has been happening since 3.0 Alpha, until now. 4. I am a Chinese user, whether the software or script is in Chinese or English.This is still the case. 5. Other similar software does not have this problem, such as FCPX's timeline. 6. Restarting MacOS and reinstalling Causality3 did not work. Thank you, I look forward to your fixing the software bugs——a loyal Chinese Causality creator!
Causality3 bug using Magic mouse on M1 Macmini content media


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