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Ivan Tchoumak
Jan 17, 2022
In Causality Story Sequencer
For starters, I am a hobbyist writer working on fantasy novels. Most of Causality’s script writing aspects don’t affect my novel writing in the same way they do other users. That being said Causality is without a doubt the 2nd best writing software I have ever used, with a strong likelihood of becoming #1 sometime in the near future. The reason Causality is #2 right now is because Scrivener 3 beats it just by a smidge in certain aspects. There are certain pros and cons to Scrivener 3 which I won’t go into right now. Those can be found online by other writers & authors who frequently test writing software and write reviews for others to peruse. PROS: Per Holmes, the developer of Causality responds to emails and suggestions. Causality constantly has new updates coming out (compared to Scrivener which spends years in between updates). While some of the new updates, particularly the Beta ones may be a bit buggy, considering the speed they come out with it's essentially a non-issue. More suited to multi screen setups as compared to Scrivener which can ONLY be in one window. Having the ability to set up the script on one window of my dual monitor setup and the timeline/ whiteboard in the other has been nothing short of a miracle when keeping complex storylines on track. In fact the visual tracking of beats/snippets is (in my opinion) the superior way to keep track of lots of information for complex storylines. Just having brainstorming sessions of creating groups for vague plot points and connecting them with dependency arrows to show an interconnected web has reduced so much stress worrying about forgetting to drop a hint of foreshadowing meant to be revealed MUUUUUCH later. CONS: While suited to multi screen setups the separate windows are not independent. That in itself while not bad immediately does get annoying after a while. Trying to have the script taking up ½ of the left screen with a floating internet browser (weather showing research material or a thesaurus) has the non-main window vanishing if something else is clicked does destroy work flow after a while. I am using MacOS to write on, which lacks an “always stay on top” option so perhaps the Linux and Windows versions fare better. Software background aside the biggest con is the lack of Scriptwriter options. Scrivener 3 has a MUCH richer text editing software suite. Even basic stuff like showing invisible characters and Auto capitalizing new sentences is missing on Causality. When compared to Scrivener’s options of basic elements such as a word count bar/ setting writing goals, built in thesaurus lookups, a vastly better coded final output of book setup generator, etc, etc, etc — Causality falls significantly behind. One of the nicer options Scrivener has is ‘Revision’ mode which allows you to rewrite certain lines (crossing out whatever you've highlighted to be rewritten and using the chosen font colour to see the differences) FINAL CONCLUSION: If certain aspects of Scrivener 3 & Google Docs could be added to future updates such as the basic toolbar to script window, (even if just toggleable visibility on/off,) it would make a huge difference. Other updates I would like to see would be Scrivener 3's "word target" section. The concentric bulls-eye ring located in the toolbars of the window allow one to set target goals for writing sessions. Im honestly surprised that Causality lacks a word-counter entirely. I would also love the ability to show invisible characters alongside Text Correction tools. Finally, having a built in thesaurus would be amazing. Preferably if OneLook could somehow be inter-grated as its linguistical lexicon is by far the best ive found online. But I would settle for separate windows no longer minimizing when other stuff is clicked too. Not only does OneLook have a reverse dictionary but its algorithm searches through dozens of dictionaries, contains a rhyme generator, and is connected to various linguistical analysis tools that show interconnected webs.
Future Updates that I would love to see implemented (feel free to add your own + reasons why) content media
Ivan Tchoumak

Ivan Tchoumak

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