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Mar 12, 2022
In Shot Designer
Hi, I know I have a pro account in some way on my previous MacBook Pro, as I used that laptop with shot designer to build loads of scenes in the past, but I'm trying to sign in on a new machine with any of my email accounts and none of my usual login combinations work, nor do any of my email addresses get recognised on the lost password screen. I've never had any other email address, so can't figure this out. Is it possible I purchased a pro version of the app on my previous machine without ever associating it with an email address or something? Have also checked on my phone app, but that seems to be the free version and using the "restore" feature if I bought it through the apple store just gives me a spin wheel that goes on forever. Couldn't find anything in the desktop app on previous machine that showed me an account details / email address etc, but still have access to that machine if there's something I've missed!
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