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Oct 26, 2021
In Shot Designer
Like many Shot Designer users, I'm looking forward to the 3D Animation capability in what I hope will be the next major update. Since you're now using the word previsualization to describe the app, I imagine the new version will allow users to see the camera's field of view in real time. For someone like me who's been using Shot Designer in concert with FrameForge Storyboard Studio for years, to see my shots and framing, this is very exciting. I'm hoping this new capability will allow me to further streamline my prep and shot planning. That said, however, I write to you today to respectfully ask—to implore you—to keep all of the existing functionality in the next major Shot Designer update. Yes, I imagine you'll finally get rid of the Scene Freeze function; since you've stated your dissatisfaction with it many times on the old forum. That's fine. Since I can simply do a Save As whenever I wish to save a shot design in progress, or create multiple versions of the same shot. But with that one exception, I respectfully request that you keep all of the existing Shot Designer functionality in the next major update. I make this request because when it comes to creating camera plots or overhead blocking diagrams, Shot Designer is, well, perfect. It really is. It's simple. It's fast. I can use it on my phone, my tablet, and my desktop. And I can effortlessly, seamlessly move between them. And I can even animate my designs. What's not to love. For me, creating overhead blocking designs in Shot Designer is an essential part of my prep and previsualization—that is separate and distinct from framing and composition. Yes, I'm sure you're going to be adding all kinds of cool and very helpful new functionality. But to be frank, if any of the new features come at the expense of existing features, I for one will not be upgrading. Too many times I have seen software developers "fix" things that didn't need to be fixed. And then they always added insult to injury by saying they did it for my benefit. So frustrating. Please don't take away or significantly alter what we already have and how it works in the next major update. Thank you in advance for considering my request.


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