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Nov 07, 2021
In Causality Story Sequencer
Hello, I just discovered your software and I am evaluating it a bit to know if it will do for a workflow of a series of books. Looks awesome and I can see a bit what I could do with it, although it's a bit rough and confusing at first. So, what can we expect? Is there a roadmap somewhere, a list of features you are working on? I would be interested to see where it will go and what is your update frequency (there are no dates on the previous releases so I don't know). My main usage right now would be to put an entire series of books (5-6) on the same file/workflow (separated as 'episodes'). It's mainly for outlining right now. Just thinking about it, will there be theming, something to change extensively the UI? Also, more examples of workflows and an idea of the scope of what can be achieved would be nice to see. As far as I am concerned right now, I don't really know how to organize my workflow but I'm working on it. By the way, I've found some bugs I think: The options at the top of the scenario panel are still clickable even when hidden by the timeline (scenario in condensed views for example). And I don't know you but I don't have the text of the beats in my timeline snippets like I see in every screenshot of the software 🤔. Here is a screenshot of what I'm talking about (it's in French but it's not important): Hope this helps. Edit: Forgot about the system. I'm running Windows 10 21H1.
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